Deker (Shin Guard) Adidas X 20 Training

Deker (Shin Guard, Pelindung Tulang Kering) Adidas X 20 Training

Warna :  Putih/Hitam

HARGA SPESIAL :  Rp. 200.000,-


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Deker (Shin Guard) Adidas X 20 Training

Lightweight shin guards with a double strap.

Your pace petrifies them, so don’t give them any second chances. These adidas X 20 Training Shin Guards are held firmly in place by two hook-and-loop straps. Their tough hard shields are backed by EVA cushioning, creating a super-comfortable fit while also helping to absorb impacts on the football pitch.

  • 100% polypropylene injection-moulded
  • Shin guards with adjustable straps
  • Asymmetric hard shield
  • Two hook-and-loop adjustable straps



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